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by canada-brasil
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From Vancouver! vol 2

Feb. 17, 2010 Wed, Sunny

Hi there!

I am still in Vancouver and we went to the Curling today.

And we finally could meet Quatchi and Miga there and could take a picture together! Quatchi hugged me! They are sooooo cute, eh!

I will put those pictures on this blog when I come back to Japan.

And we watched the curling between Japan and Canada.

We Japan team almost won but in the last minute, we lost unfortunately.

And we ate vietnamese food for lunch.

The vienamese coffee was so good.

We went to the victory ceremony to BC place last night and saw 2 Japanese medalists, Nagashima and Kato!

Also we saw the live of Bare Naked Ladies after the medal ceremony!

They sang 'If I had a million dollar'.

And we will go to the Men's figure skating free priogram tomorrow night.

Takahashi is in the 3rd place in the Short Program, so I may see he will get the medal! I hope it is the gold.

Tacchi-san, yes, I can read Japanese and I was there in the 60,000 lights on the day of the Opening Ceremony at BC Place.

It was really amazing.

Meifur-san, thanks for your comment. I am really enjoying Vancouver Olympic Games a lot!!
by canada-brasil | 2010-02-18 14:29