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by canada-brasil
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From Vancouver! vol 4

Feb. 19, 2010 Friday Sunny

We woke up at 6:00 am this morning, ate breakfast and arrived at curling place around 7:30!

It was just really good timing to meet Quatchi and Miga!!

They just came to meet us.

And we started to take pictures of them and the volunteer said "You came yesterday as well!!"

It was the same guy who met yesterday at the Figure Skating place.

I took the picture with Quatchi and Miga at the curling place 2 days ago, took the picture with Quatchi and Miga at the Figure Skating place yesterday and took the picture with Quatchi and Miga at the curling place today again!!

And Quatchi and Miga remembered us!!

So, we played with them for a while and walked together to the curling place!!

They are so cute.

I am Quatchi lover (it is the secret to Tsubakurou!).

And we watched the curling, though Japan did not play in the morning session.

Our host family is from Denmark and Denmark played, so we cheered for them but they lost.

After the game, we ate lunch at the vietnamese restarurant where is really good.

And we went to Royal Mint and exchanged the lucky loony.

Then, went to London Drugs and got the bigger Quatch!

And went to see the cauldron at Water Front.

We went there one time but now we can go closer!

And went to Richmond to see the Olympic Oval where the speed skating is held.

Today, there was no speed skating, so it was very quiet and we just took pictures.

And came home and spent such a good time with the host family.

We have to leave tomorrow...

We would like to stay here longer but we have to leave...

I really want to come back to Vancouver.

Such a beautiful city!!
by canada-brasil | 2010-02-20 16:06