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Hello from Neckarsulm again

Monday, June 26 Sunny

I am still in Karate teacher´s house. On Saturday, we did berbecue. And they took me to Heidelberg yesterday. It was very nice castle!

I went to Munick today and I saw Stadium.

I will go to Koln tomorrow and next day I go to Paris. I go to Hong Kong on Thursday and meet friend!

And I will go home on June 30!

See you soon!
by canada-brasil | 2006-06-27 05:21

Hello from Neckersulm!

Friday, June 23rd Sunny

I could watch the game Japan VS Brazil at the stadium because of very kind Japanese people. I will talk more about this later in Japanese. It is totally heart-warming story.

We lost but we had a good experience, I think. Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ronaldo played very well. At the end, Hide was laying on the center of the pitch. I never seen him that way. He clapped his hand over his head twice. I was moved by his acting.

After the game, I went to the pub with lots of Japanese and stayed until around 3.00am and went to the another bar and stayed until 5.30am!

I came home and took shower and ate an apple and yoghurt and went to the station. I took the train at 8.37am and arrived at Neckersulm at 12.46pm.

Karate teacher was there. He took me to old town of Bad Wipfen. And I trained Karate with German people at night! It was fun!
by canada-brasil | 2006-06-24 07:06

Hello from Dusseldorf!

6月21日 水曜日 曇り 









それから、私はゲルセンキルヘンに行ってスタジアムに行って、ポルトガル人とメキシコ人の写真を撮って、Fan Festに行ってTシャツを買おうとしたけど、欲しいものじゃなかった。




by canada-brasil | 2006-06-21 23:45

Hello from Bonn!

6月20日 火曜日 曇り



by canada-brasil | 2006-06-20 18:58

Hello from Nuremberg again.

Sunday, June 18 Sunny

As you know, we drawed 0-0 against Croatia. Today was hot again. It is difficult to play game on sunny day at 15.00. Even watching is difficult.

I found out to win the game, we have to be storng team like Brazil, Germany, France...or host country. Because they can play at night!

Anyway, it is difficult that Japan goes to the next round, but we can play at night against Brazil on June 22, and Brazil won against Australia today, so the miracle might happen. Lets see.

S-chan, I met your sister and Y-chan at the stadium!!! We can see in Dortmund again!

I gonna watch the game France and South Krea!
by canada-brasil | 2006-06-19 04:28

Hello from Nuremberg!

Saturday, June 17 Sunny

I took the train at 9.26 in Hannover. My friend in Hannover came to the station and I arrived at 12.20 in Nurumberg and I met friends in Nuremberg!!

We ate lunch at their house and in the evening we went out. We visited castle and went to the city center.

I met Tsuka-chan & Suyuki-san of Drank Dragon and Nishino -san of King Kong!!! I asked Tsuka-cha "Can I take picture with you?" He said "Is it possible?" And I said " Suzuki-san as well!" And I took picture with Tsuka-chan, Suzuki-san and Nishino-san! It was cool!

And we went to the place we can watch the game on a big TV. We ate Kebab and watched the game Italy and USA from 21.00. It was really good game.

Italy got the goal quickly but USA got own goal and in a second half, USA palyed by 9 players and Italy 10. And it was 1-1 finally. Everybody has the chance to go to the next stage in that Group.

World Cup is Weltmeisterschaft in German, so the short form is WM.

We ate Ice Cream with strawberries when we came back and laghed a lot!

Tomorrow, we Japan will have the game against Croatia here in Nuremberg. I am going to the game. It will be sunny but the temperature will be 27 degree, so it is better than Kaiserslautern!

We must WIN! Get 3 points!
by canada-brasil | 2006-06-18 07:37

Hello from Hannover!

Friday, June 16 Cloudy

Hello, everyone! I am in Hannover now.

I arrived in Frankfurt on June 11 and went to Kaiserslautern on June 12 and watched the game Japan and Australia. It was 36 degree at the stadium and very dry, I think that is why we lost. Australian are so tough for the heat.

I went to Berlin on June 13 and watched the game Brazil and Croatia but on the way to the stadium, maybe in a subway, I was stolen my wallet... I had 2 credit cards, about 25 euros and phone card in it...

I have heard lots of bad people come to World Cup, so I should have been more careful... I phoned my father to stop the credit cards after the game and went to the police station next day and had a certificate, and I have more credit cards, so I am fine but I will be more careful.

I went to Leipzig on June 14. It was so nice.

And I watched the game Ecuador VS Costa Rica in Hamburg yesterday which are the same group as Germany. I like the stadium in Hamburg ( it is the one for Hamburger SV) the best so far.

I am staying with German people in every city. They are incredibly nice and kind to me.

By the way, H san and Akky! Sorry for not seeing you on a train after the game. I visited German friend and had a great dinner (liver ball, sauwer krawt and mashed potato) and took the train at 20.29, but there were so many people, so I could not find you. But I met E san in Hamburg station yesterday and talked!!! It is a great co-incidence!

And O san, K san and Tencho, we had a great time in Kaiserslautern! O san & K san, please let me know what happened after I left. And Tencho, also, please let me know what happened in Berlin and Leipzig!

My trip so far is like this. If you have any questions, send me e-mail or write comment to this blog. I might be able to answer them.

I am going to Nuremberg tomorrow and will watch the game Japan VS Croatia on Sunday! GO FOR JAPAN!!!

I am going to have lunch with German friends soon!

See you!
by canada-brasil | 2006-06-16 18:11


6月10日 土曜日 晴れ












by canada-brasil | 2006-06-10 12:03


6月9日 金曜日 雨のち曇り







by canada-brasil | 2006-06-09 23:41


6月8日 木曜日 曇り一時雨













by canada-brasil | 2006-06-09 07:52